Past Projects + Discography

HourGlass (founding member, 2001)        
World music with medieval, Mediterranean, & Brazilian roots.   
       + What Do You See? (HourGlass, 2003)       


Le Bon Vent (founding member, 2004 - present)       
New music born from the Southern French tradition  
       + Goodnight Marc Chagall (2006)    

BalMUS (founding member, 2001-2007)            
“New World” music inspired by Balkan traditions         

Les Miserables (member, 1981-1994)             
Brass band music from around the world   
Recordings with Taki Masuko        
   + Ompha (Global Village, 1985)             
   + Manic Tradition (Northeastern Records, 1990)             
   + Pinocchio (Rabbit Ears, 1994)             

  Video: with David Byrne, Knee Plays “In The Future”           

. . .beautiful, eccentric, between Monk and Scriabin”